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Wow: How to Raise Your Mythic+ Score?



As the World of Warcraft (Wow) universe expands, so does the complexity and competitiveness of its content, especially in the Mythic+ dungeons. Raising your Mythic+ score is not just a badge of honor; it’s a testament to your understanding, skill, and dedication to the game. This article will explore various strategies to help you boost your Mythic+ score, ensuring you’re ready for whatever Azeroth throws your way.

Understanding the Mythic+ Score

What Is the Mythic+ Score?

The Mythic+ score is a numerical value assigned to players, representing their performance in Mythic+ dungeons. It’s akin to a credit score but for WoW dungeon runners. The higher your score, the more proficient and experienced you’re considered.

How Is the Mythic+ Score Calculated?

Your score is calculated based on the level of the dungeons you complete and the speed at which you complete them. Completing higher-level dungeons within the time limit yields the best score improvements.

Strategies to Improve Your Mythic+ Score

Focus on Completing Dungeons Within the Time Limit

The clock is your biggest adversary in Mythic+ dungeons. Prioritize speed and efficiency to boost your score significantly.

Optimize Your Gear

Your gear plays a crucial role in your performance. Ensure your gear is up to the task, with the right enchantments and stat priorities for your class and role.

Learn Dungeon Mechanics

Knowledge is power. Familiarize yourself with each dungeon’s mechanics to avoid costly mistakes that can slow your team down.

Build a Solid Team

The right team can make or break your Mythic+ endeavors. Play with people you can communicate and coordinate with effectively.

Utilize Add-ons and Resources

Add-ons like Raider.IO offer invaluable insights into dungeons and can help track your progress. Use these tools to your advantage.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Ignoring Team Composition

A balanced team is essential. Ensure your group has the necessary roles and classes to tackle the dungeon efficiently.

Underestimating the Importance of Mechanics

Overlooking dungeon mechanics can lead to wipes and time losses. Always prioritize mechanics over DPS.

Neglecting Gear Optimization

Don’t underestimate the power of optimized gear. Regularly update and enhance your equipment to stay competitive.

Advanced Tips for Veteran Players

Target Specific Dungeons

Some dungeons offer easier paths to higher scores. Identify and focus on these dungeons to maximize your score improvements.

Master Class-Specific Strategies

Each class has unique advantages in different dungeons. Learn and leverage these strategies to enhance your performance.


Raising your Mythic+ score is a journey of persistence, skill, and strategy. By focusing on your performance, optimizing your gear, and learning from each run, you can steadily climb the ranks and prove your worth in the Mythic+ dungeons of Azeroth.


What is the fastest way to improve my Mythic+ score?

Focus on completing high-level dungeons within the time limit and constantly optimize your gear and strategy.

Can I improve my score by playing with random groups?

While possible, playing with a consistent group allows for better coordination and faster improvement.

How important is gear in Mythic+ dungeons?

Gear is crucial. It enhances your abilities and increases your chances of completing dungeons within the time limit.

What are the most challenging dungeons for improving the Mythic+ score

This varies by season and balance changes, but dungeons with complex mechanics typically pose the greatest challenge.

Are add-ons necessary for improving the Mythic+ score?

While not necessary, add-ons like Raider.IO can provide valuable insights and tracking, which can aid in your improvement.


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