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How to make kodi faster? Make Kodi Faster: Tips and Tricks



Kodi, the versatile media player, has become a staple in the entertainment setups of millions worldwide. Its ability to stream content from various sources, alongside its customization options, makes it a popular choice. However, like any software, its performance can degrade over time or under certain conditions. This guide provides actionable tips and tricks to make Kodi run faster, ensuring a smooth streaming experience.

Optimizing Kodi’s Settings

Adjusting video playback settings can have a significant impact. By navigating to Kodi’s settings and selecting the ‘Player’ options, users can modify cache settings and choose the appropriate video quality for their internet speed, preventing buffering issues. Additionally, limiting background processes and unnecessary addons can free up resources, allowing Kodi to run more efficiently.

Managing Kodi’s Library

A cluttered library can significantly slow down Kodi. Periodically cleaning the library of unused content can improve performance. For those using Kodi across multiple devices, setting up a MySQL database for your library can centralize your media, reducing duplicate content and speeding up access times.

Network and Connectivity Enhancements

A stable and fast network connection is crucial for streaming. Opting for a wired connection over WiFi can provide a more reliable and faster connection. Additionally, ensuring your router is optimized for streaming can prevent bottlenecks that slow down Kodi.

Kodi’s File System

An organized file system can enhance Kodi’s performance. Grouping similar content together and utilizing external storage solutions for large media files can prevent your device’s internal storage from becoming a bottleneck.

Hardware Upgrades

Sometimes, the best way to improve Kodi’s speed is through hardware upgrades. While not always an option, upgrading to a more powerful device or using a dedicated Kodi box can offer significant performance improvements.

Maintenance Tools for Kodi

Utilizing maintenance addons can help automate the cleanup process, keeping Kodi running smoothly. Scheduling regular cleanups can prevent accumulation of unnecessary files that slow down the software.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

For the tech-savvy, overclocking your device or editing the advancedsettings.xml file can unlock performance gains. However, these methods carry risks and should be approached with caution.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Avoiding bloated builds and being selective with addons can prevent unnecessary strain on Kodi’s resources. Opt for lightweight builds and only install addons you frequently use.


Improving Kodi’s speed isn’t just about one-time fixes; it’s about ongoing maintenance and smart usage. By following these tips and tricks, users can ensure their Kodi setup remains fast, responsive, and ready to stream their favorite content.


How often should I clean my Kodi library?

Cleaning your Kodi library every few months can help maintain its performance, depending on how frequently you add new content.

Does upgrading hardware always improve Kodi’s performance?

While hardware upgrades can improve performance, optimizing Kodi’s settings and managing your library efficiently can also yield significant speed improvements.

Can addons slow down Kodi?

Yes, especially if many are running in the background. Be selective with the addons you install and keep them updated.

What is the best way to organize Kodi files?

Grouping files by type (e.g., movies, TV shows) and using external storage for large media files can improve organization and performance.

How can I improve my Kodi streaming speed?

Improving your internet connection, optimizing Kodi’s video playback settings, and using a wired connection can enhance streaming speed.


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