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How to Increase Your Mythic Plus Score?



Mythic Plus dungeons represent a pinnacle of PvE content in the world of massively multiplayer online games, offering players a challenging, scalable endgame experience. Increasing your Mythic Plus score not only showcases your skill and dedication but also opens doors to more competitive groups and better rewards. In this guide, we’ll explore effective strategies to boost your score, covering preparation, in-dungeon tactics, and post-run analysis.

Understanding Mythic Plus

Mythic Plus dungeons are timed runs that scale in difficulty, with each level adding both complexity and rewards. Your score, often referred to as a Raider.IO score, aggregates your performance across all dungeons, providing a metric for group leaders to evaluate potential teammates.

The Importance of Your Mythic Plus Score

A higher score not only reflects your proficiency but also improves your chances of joining experienced groups, leading to faster runs and higher-quality loot.

Preparing for Mythic Plus Dungeons

Building the Right Team

The composition of your team can make or break a run. Balancing roles and ensuring synergy between class abilities is crucial for smooth dungeon completions.

Essential Addons and Tools

Leveraging tools like Raider.IO and Mythic Dungeon Tools can help in planning and executing runs more efficiently.

Gearing Up: Tips and Strategies

Optimizing your gear for your role ensures you’re contributing maximally, with a focus on enchants, gems, and stat priorities.

In-Dungeon Strategies

Understanding Dungeon Affixes

Each week, dungeons are affected by different affixes that modify gameplay. Knowing these in advance allows for strategic planning and counterplay.

Efficient Mob Pulls and Routes

Mapping out pulls and routes beforehand minimizes downtime and ensures you’re meeting the timer with as few hiccups as possible.

Boss Fights: Tactics and Tips

Each boss has unique mechanics; understanding and preparing for these can significantly reduce the risk of wipes.

After the Dungeon

Reviewing Performance

Using tools like Warcraft Logs can help identify areas for improvement, from personal play to team coordination.

Learning From Mistakes

Constructive post-run discussions can highlight mistakes and provide learning opportunities for future runs.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Utilizing External Resources

Resources such as class discords and YouTube guides can offer insights into optimizing play and learning dungeon-specific strategies.

Key Swapping and Team Synergy

Swapping keys with other teams and focusing on dungeons where your team excels can boost your score more effectively.


Increasing your Mythic Plus score is a journey of continuous improvement, learning, and adaptation. By focusing on preparation, execution, and analysis, you can climb the ranks and achieve your goals in the competitive landscape of Mythic Plus dungeons.


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